Xavier DUMONT graduated from the Arts Décoratifs (furniture workshop 2000, Olivier de Serres – industrial creation)

Through a particular shaping, each piece becomes unique. It’s an almost organic process during which the shape evolves to become more and more autonomous. The construction principle can be compared to a constant grafting of outgrowth in order to reach the wanted balance and shape.

”Unique pieces: each object is created randomly. These items are sculpted and not moulded. This way, starting from the same original idea, the same outline, I will make a family of singular objects”, says Xavier DUMONT about the creation of his works.

Made to measure /desire objects. It is possible to realize in-situ projects as a unified whole. For example, I think about an endless bench that would fit closely to a row of trees, hugging them one by one… We can call it a bucolic folly because the most audacious realizations are permitted or rather particularly recommended.