“VERS L’INDE” Bruno TREMOHARS peintures, dessins

On the way to India

I was young. I thought I was living in captivity. I wanted to escape, so I focused all the strength of my Fantasy on a marvelous country: India. As a child, I discovered it through the two – part movie work of Fritz Lang “The Tiger of Eschnapur” and the “Indian Tomb”.  The blazing images of these exotic tales made something resound in me, something deep. Something that I had already experienced?

One day in the childhood, decisions are taken for the whole life. I never  thought that one day I would know India. Its crowd, its landscapes, its monuments, and that I would dedicate so much of my life to it, despite impossibilities and prohibitions.

Why India?

I want to quote Moravia whose travel with Pasolini and Elsa Morante become almost legendary “India is not a “beautiful” country as Italia or a “typical” country as Japan”. India, he says, is a continent whose main interest is the human factor.

Today still, to know its population, one has to cross the Indian plains, this melancholic, mournful, silent, shapeless and unreal savannah, brewed with the heat haze under an etiolated sun. One has to penetrate into the medieval, chaotic and seething quarters of the cities, full of palaces and religious monuments, comparable to Babylon.