« Charming and colorful. With it, a piquant grace characterizing the 39-40 after war. Thus, was perceived and is still acknowledged the work of Pierre Grisot, excellent artist from the brave French School, well associated with the great painters of the twentieth century. However, this incomparable artist of theParisiennes was born in Besançon in 1911. Nonetheless, at an early age, around 10 years old, he could not help to exhibit his work in Montmartre. Then, it was the Beaux Arts School of Paris that required his attention. His first big Parisian exhibition took place in the Ror Volmar Art Gallery in 1949. Soon after, he seduced the public first composed of laypeople and professionals from Saint-Tropez, Cannes and Nice. Finally, he took over the prestigious galleries of London, Tokyo, Venice, and some museums of the Near East in the wake of Bonnard, Utrillo, Dufy, Vlaminck and Marie Laurencin. But, I admit that I have always preferred his landscapes, his floral compositions and his pretty women of radiant and naughty modesty that Pierre Grisot treat us with, to some artworks daubed with current signatures iconized by trends and fashion. Discretely and freely, Grisot magnified the atmosphere of his paintings with the addition of charming details. From his refine brushstroke, Pierre Grisot knew how to produce amazing and intense compositions with the audacious proximity of a large range of radiant colors. In this respect, his allusion to the Decorative Arts was clear. He knew how to capture the fugitive light without flatness but with a harmonious ease from which benefited attractive bouquet, generous sites and charming female silhouette. Coquettishly elegant or admirably undressed, they made of this impressionist painter a true master of sensations and values which form the sustainability of a tender and alluring pictorial art.”