Lluis BANTI is born in 1964 in Catalonia, studied at the Fita Academy of Art in Catalonia and graduated from the higher school of fine arts in San Jordi de Barcelona in 1988. As part of his course he took part in a study abroad experience at the Winchester school of art, Great Britain. After graduating, Lluis BANTI worked a lot in Brittany, doing artwork exchanges as well as exhibiting work at symposiums.

He worked also in China during an artwork exchange with the Wun Shan Art School.

• 2000 between Côtes D’Armor and Catalonia.Organized by “les arts vivants” (living fine arts) and Meme Detras with Guinguamp and La Bisbal D’Empordà as partner cities.

• 2004, during the “Arc international d ‘Escultura”, a meeting between Breton and Catalan sculptors,

• Lluis Banti took part in three international symposiums of artists:

– 2000: Westbury Farm Studion

– 2000 Milton Keynes

– 2003 first international symposium of sculptures in Vilafranca Del Penedes, Catalonia.