LES HOMMES À L’OMBRE DES MOAÏ (Men under the Moaï shadow)

Stephanie Elisabeth Pauly is born in 1951 in Treves, Germany. She graduated from the university and taught biology during twenty years in a College in Koln. In 1996 she travels to South America. In Santiago de Chile, she decides to spend some days on the Easter Island. Rapa Nui is a stage that will radically change her life. Her touristic week becomes an artistic and personal adventure as she met Karlo Huke Atan, one of the most renowned sculptor on the Island. She has since been living next to him, in an isolated house, in connection with nature, where some wild horses are their most faithful visitors and, the wind is the only one that upsurges in the silence that reigns over their volcanic-stone house, bringing the strong tuning of the vast ocean’s music with it. Stephanie Pauly quikly learns the language, the customs and practices and endeavors to seize the most intense moment of the Pascuans life in her photographs. The success she met in her exhibitions in Prague, Berlin and especially at the ethnographic museum of Poznan in Poland attests the interest of a huge audience for the culture of the Rapa Nui Island.

Stephanie Pauly “RAPA NUI” – amazon