Jean-Michel MEFORT

He lives and creates over the course of his family sources, essential since 1980 to inspire artists who want to stand out within the artistic world and to find a rise and richness. He is indisputably representational but he sets an uncluttered analysis, freed from details that would overshadow the strength of the drawings and the rigorous impact of colors. In his sketches, the arrangement is already firmly expressive favoring the spirit of the line, of the suspended gesture but claiming the dynamics of the atmosphere. Then Jean Michel MEFORT deploys a reflective universe, apparently unfazed but it has a vague vitality and an action always captivating even though the rigor of the perspectives, magnified by the colors, meticulously chosen in order to activate suggested lights and shadows. The work of Jean Michel MEFORT is unsettling, because it forces us to forget the pervert effect of visual habits in order to discover a timeless subtlety, fascinating with its underlying mysteries.