A collection of sculpted and burnished garden-furniture, inspired by the organic world. The sources of inspiration : Our imagination matches spontaneously things together, creating fairy tales and fantasy stories. The fantasy that takes its sources in the energy and strength of trees. The constructive, geometrical and floral nature which inspired art since the “Pathological eccentricities” of the Art nouveau at the turn of the XX century. Attempts of the Gesamtkunstwerk (structure and setting are but one, fusion of an only object in a sole part), Naïve art, Czech Cubism, and, still more formerly,  the Rocailleur of the  XIX century,  the Baroque, the exuberant XVII century, romanticism, the organic seats shaped by  Chinese monks…  Materials: Steel, resin, fiberglass, copper and bronze powder, bronze, plaster…

Process: Through a particular shaping each pieces become unique. It’s an almost organic process during which the shape evolves to become more and more autonomous. The construction principle can be compared to a constant grafting of outgrowth in order to reach the wanted balance and shape.

”Unique pieces”:  Each object is created randomly. These items are sculpted and not moulded. This way, starting from the same original idea, the same outline, I will make a family of singular objects.