1950 – 2011

“I realize my sculptures with my drives and association of ideas. I’m not a sculpture -intellectual. I’m the instinctual type. I am mainly inspired by the human body. I like to transcribe the posture, feelings… it expresses through these postures. I try to make it work also with the facial expressions and particularly with the movement. To mould according to nature is a necessity but is not enough, I would like to capture and pass on realism, of course, but the realism of feelings especially. In the series of sculptures about slaves, for example, I tried to imagine what a chained, under duress man could feel: revolt, submissiveness, panic, pain, solidarity. I want to show the intensity of a movement through muscles. Therefore, my sculptures aren’t smooth, because the result that I want would be weaker. Moreover, as I don’t like static postures much, my works have kind of lost the balance, giving movement. Because the movement in sculpture is an idea extended by the gaze. The freedom I have with wax echoed in what bronze allows. Although these technics are quite long to apply, they provide a great flexibility and beautiful creative opportunities. I melt my sculptures myself with my husband Jean Louis for the same reason. I love the freedom I have with these technics. I love to perfectly master my work.”

Isabelle Kersimont

Pratique des arts n°68 Mai 2006