Exhibition Rencontres R’ART from 6 to 31 may 2016

From the 6th to the 31st  of May, to mark the opening of the new exhibition venue, 17 rue du Général de Gaulle, IZART art gallery will present contemporary artists:

Gosti, Promeneur, Ladjah Bolo

rencontres r'art

These artists are unique in their approach which gather  the brute-force “art” and their primitive and poetic art paths.

Jean-Yves Gosti

gosti article

Gosti works the materials like bronze, marble, granite and try to produce and not to reproduce in order to forge an ideal. During a travel in Central Africa, he discovered the Pygmy Tribal Art, this meeting had a deep impact on his works. Back to France, he came close to the Cobra art movement ( returned to the original sources of inspiration not contaminated by Western standards, keeping their mystical and primitive aspects).  Jean-Yves Gosti exhibits his sculptures which express the duality: physical strength (which work implies) and emotion that makes the materials palpitated. This duality exemplifies how Gosti is living its vision: “Let room for instinct”.





Armel Promeneur


Originally from Guadeloupe and graduated from École des Beaux Arts de Bordeaux, he is working mainly with waste material and different overburden.  His work draws from Asiatic tribal art: and more specifically from India, Nepal and Mongolia.






ladjah bolo 1

He began with photography and he turned towards graphic arts. Materials and supports are very different, wide shades are expressing through. Finally oriental old art and contemporary expressions are merging.

David Ladjah Bolo will present works of art using the old technic of Raku. This technic is borned in Japan during the 16th century, it implies different actions which parameters are varying and results may be remarkable (enamelling ; quick rise of temperature ; thermal shock which fragments the enamal). Thus, he regenerates an old oriental technic in a primitive and raw art.