Alessandro Montalbano was borned in 1962 in Catania, Sicily. He studied fine arts in Florence where he developed an invaluable educational experience  as a painter and a sculptor.

Using soldered bronze technic, Montalbano draws inspiration  from the idea of a struggle between forces that seem to be contradictory but that are, in fact, complementary, like life and death, divine and human, woman and man. This struggle is most evident  through a clear artistic and plastic tension.

The artist is not working bronze in a traditional fashion, he starts by laying out the broad outlines of this structure by soldering on pieces of bronze to be then cut, hammered and twisted. Once all pieces assembled,    he scratches the bronze using a grinding wheel or a circular saw to give some effect and to make the material to vibrate.

In his paintings, colour must act the same way than the strong work of bronze, that means to give the same energy, by pace and intensity. His work of art is a true chromatic blast, a colour saturation. What matters to the artist are the relationships between coloured masses, the way they interact through confrontation by complementarity or combination.