Izabela De Maistre is an art historian, she is a graduate from the universities of Cracow and Rennes. She practiced a high responsibility work in an important Parisian gallery during many years.

In 1996, she came to Brittany in order to cooperate with the Pont Aven museum in a movie project about the work and life of the Polish painter Wladyslaw Slewinski in Brittany.

In 2011, she decided to open her own gallery in Pont-Aven.

Izart aims at gathering artists whose works show the vitality and the universality of nowadays art. The gallery features about twenty representational and abstract artists: recognized talents from our region (Trémohars, Roussel, and Boudier), excellent nationwide and worldwide renowned painters and sculptors (Bégarat, Cibot, Arno, Couliou, Toulemonde) and various visual artists with a very contemporary work (Grisot, Gosti, Snitzer, Cohen, and Misra).

To strengthen its action, the Izart gallery regularly organizes exhibitions about a particular artist, a collective theme or an original medium, with a guest-artist.