Jean-Yves GOSTI

He was struggling against himself for a while. It was in order to produce, not to reproduce. The man wanted to ”step away from his status “to forge an ideal. The artist has never been credulous. He creates strong things, favors perennial matters such as marble, granit and bronze. At first, GOSTI works urgently, fighting with the stone as if he wanted to master it better. His first works are smooth: frank self-portraits, sexless (soulless?) angels. Life predestined him to work in a factory. He produces, on chain ”as other would breed chickens”. Success. Euphoria. Then comes the Doubt. One day the Other gives him a hard time. Separation. Mourning. Paul Verlaine, the poet he is fond of made no mistake ”Sans amour et sans haine je ne sais pourquoi mon coeur a tant de peine” (Without love and hate, I don’t know why my heart feels such a pain). Be wary! This man can feel a granite misfortune. The crack is deep. Little by little, man and matter broke apart. Angels fade away. Women lose their curves. The womb is the only thing that remains from their naked fertility. The fruit of their love, little men with disproportionate heads, stay, with dangling arms, outstretched hands, helpless witnesses of an intimate loneliness. Since, his life came a long way. Art isn’t a fight anymore. A record to beat. The man doesn’t want to prove what he is worth or to overcome hardships every day. GOSTI kept only details and the essential from bulk art. Birth. Rebirth. Little shoots emerge from the bottom of the trunk. Heads stand straight up. Looks become childish again. Drawings, self-portraits with vague looks are the witnesses of the things the man struggled to put behind him. Before the Renewal ”Get out the XX century without blushing! ”ordered him one day his art teacher Mr. Loubet, who sensed the artist in the –former- electrical engineer. Well they both can be reassured. GOSTI has evolved. On his way, he has left behind some of the ghosts that haunted him. He has accepted his doubts, accepted to live with them. Accepted to be closer with himself, finally.